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What I Wore Wednesday

Once again I am linking up with the oh-so-creative Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday… New this week I am linking up with Real Momma, Real Style for her outfit party… Outfit #1 Dress/Shoes/Bracelet/Watch: Target Leggings: Kohls Cami: Old Navy Earrings: Brighton Ring: Charming Charlies   Outfit #2   Shirt/Belt/Bracelets: Avenue … Continue reading

From Pinterest to Real Life…

So in hopes of not letting this be true… I have decided to try to put into reality some of the many outfits that I have been pinning to the “My Style” board on my Pinterest. The real life outfits were created using only pieces I already had…no buying anything new for this challenge. Inspiration … Continue reading

WIWW: First Timer

I have enjoyed the Pleated Poppy for some time now and I decided to jump out there and participate in her weekly feature, What I Wore Wednesday. Here’s what Lindsey has to say about WIWW…   “…i needed some motivation to get out of my pjs and sweats so i started posting pics of myself … Continue reading

Sandal Score!

I have been trying to be a good patient and follow my chiropractor’s advice on wearing shoes with some sort of strap in the back. I have an old ankle injury that has been bothering me lately and wearing flip-flops or slide on shoes really exacerbates the problem. Therefore, I have been building up my … Continue reading

Surely I am not the only one…

Who coordinates what my husband and I are going to wear? I mean, not on a daily basis or anything crazy like that but for special occasions and dressy events. Typically this means getting my outfit decided on then picking out his shirt and/or tie to match or coordinate. I guess he is like my … Continue reading

Getting Ready…

Stephanie’s wedding is less than two weeks away and I am still trying to decide what to do with my hair! I am too cheap to pay to have it done so I am going to be doing it myself which means nothing too fancy. This is perfect since Steph doesn’t want all those crazy … Continue reading

Hair Update

The other day I posted some possible ideas about a haircut and I wanted to update you on how it turned out. In the second picture I have it pulled back in a ponytail and it’s so much nicer looking than my old ponytails…that’s one of the main reasons I wanted a new style. It’s … Continue reading

Hair Happenings

Last spring I kept saying I was going to cut my hair (like really cut it…8 inches or so) and I actually intended to but somehow spring turned into summer and I never did it. Now it’s fall (YEA!) and I have decided to hold off on cutting it short but do want a semi-new … Continue reading

I am loving

Clinique’s NEW Lip Smoothies Get one free in the Clinique gift going on at Dillards now! Burt’s Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser Follow it up with Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Toner As always, I am also loving Gilmore Girls on DVD Fischer & Wieser Raspberry Chipotle Sauce poured over cream cheese The John Derian line … Continue reading


The other day, while in a store, I saw a display for Gwen Stefani’s fragrances, Harajuku Lovers. I suppose these fragrances are inspired by or named after her entourage/backup dancers, the Harajuku girls. If you are familiar with Gwen Stefani then surely you have seen these four girls. Anyway. I have never given much thought … Continue reading