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We will rise UP

“More than 2,000 people from Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, gathered at Discovery Green in the heart of Houston to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The purpose of Dance Your Shoes Off! was to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ in a powerful and celebratory way. Most importantly, each participant left a new pair of … Continue reading

Take Me Away

There is such beauty to be seen and wonder to be had all across this earth. Creation, even in the fallen state in which we view it, is an amazing and wondrous thing to behold. God is good. For me, since I was a child, pictures of Africa have held me under their spell. The … Continue reading

30 by 30

Today is my 27th birthday. In honor of the occasion, I thought I would post my 30 by 30 list, originally posted two years ago around my birthday. I have updated accordingly (2009 updates in green, 2010 updates in purple). Finish my MA degree (3 more classes!)(Graduated in August 09). Become a mother (on the … Continue reading

Wonderful Findings

I just have to share with you some blogs I have come across lately… Shanty2Chic Two sisters, Whitney and Ashley, love to shop and love to craft! On this blog you will see all of their “shanty” turned “chic” items and projects. Too cute! A Little Bit Vintage Written by a stay at home mom, … Continue reading


According to Wesbters scrumptious means delightful and excellent. Well, have I got something scrumptious for you. Not only is this blog delightful, but excellent to boot. Joni Webb is an interior designer based in Houston who is a connoisseur of French (among other styles) design. Her blog, Cote De Texas, (that’s French for coast of … Continue reading

A Special Kind of Love

In the past couple of weeks I have known two families that have had placements in their homes. Just a few more months and the adoptions will be complete and 5 more children will have a forever family. Two different stories, but both with a special kind of love. Meet the Aguilera family… Isabella Aguilera is … Continue reading

Team Connor

I have a student, Connor, who has been battling cancer since he was 4 years old. He is now 8. Imagine that–having cancer for half of your life. For half of your childhood. This is my third year to have Connor as a student in art, so, of course, I have only known him as fighting this … Continue reading

Design Favorites

I am the type of person that really pays attention to scenery and settings when I watch movies. Over the years, there have been houses in movies that I have really loved and even copied some of the decorating in my own home. I find myself often wishing they would turn the corner in the kitchen, … Continue reading

30 by 30

Sunday was my 26th birthday. In honor of the occasion, I thought I would post my 30 by 30 list, originally posted last year around my birthday. I have updated accordingly (in green). Finish my MA degree (3 more classes!). Become a mother (on the road to adoption). Visit a new country (went to Japan–summer … Continue reading