WIWW: First Timer

I have enjoyed the Pleated Poppy for some time now and I decided to jump out there and participate in her weekly feature, What I Wore Wednesday. Here’s what Lindsey has to say about WIWW…

  “…i needed some motivation to get out of my pjs and sweats so i started posting pics of myself to use my blog as an accountability platform.  and guess what?!  it totally worked!  now, i still definitely lounge around in cozies, but its much less often and i feel so much better when i put a little effort into myself.”

Here was what I looked like pretty much all summer…

Watch/Turquoise Bracelet/Shoes: Target

Toucan Shirt: Old Navy

Jeans: Kohls

Do you ever wear your jeans cuffed like this? This was my first time and I debated about it for quite some time…I ultimately unrolled them. But, my summer wardrobe mostly consisted of jeans/capris/shorts with a variety of these tees from Old Navy.

But now it’s back to school!

Meet the Teacher…

complete with a lovely bruise on my toenail and in need of a pedicure!

Blouse/Belt: Avenue

Skirt: Lane Bryant

Shoes: by Aerosoles, from Shoe Carnival

Earrings: Kohls

Watch: Target

Bracelets: Brighton

Nails: Get the Party Started and Fruit Smoothie by Confetti (if you haven’t tried Confetti yet, it’s so worth the 1.99!! Can be found at CVS). I was inspired by the Dainty Squid’s tutorial on triangles to do this two-tone design on my nails…it’s a bit different than hers because I just free-handed it. But I liked it!

First Day of School…

Tee: Old Navy

Cardigan & Black Skirt: Ross (the cardigan came with an attached black front piece of a shirt that I cut off so I could wear my own shirt)

Necklace/Ring/Bracelet: Kohl’s

Earrings/Watch: Target

Nails: Pacific Ocean by Sinful


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