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Jolly Holly-days!

I love Christmas! It is so much fun to get ready for AND to enjoy. Part of the fun of Christmas time is the wonderful decorations and how everything around us just takes on a beautiful sparkle. Gifts under the tree… I decided to go with bright colors for my theme when wrapping gifts this … Continue reading

Take a little time

Take a little time this Christmas season to spread some love and cheer. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holidays we get tend to get caught up in our to-do lists, our parties, cooking, wrapping, shopping, cleaning, decorating and more. All of the STUFF can sometimes get in the way of … Continue reading

Free Stuff!

Every year I send out a Christmas card with a 3×5 picture inside it but I have never before actually ordered the really cute picture cards.  But, after visiting Shutterflys website and seeing their amazing selection of Christmas cards I just can’t send an ordinary picture anymore. Plus, this year Shutterfly is having a free giveaway … Continue reading


Let me just say, I LOVE Christmas ornaments. I have to stop myself from buying them…I can really go overboard. I try to buy a Christmas ornament on every major trip we go on and I also pick out an annual ornament for myself and Jason. Sometimes that turns in to two or three annual … Continue reading


When I was growing up, we always had an advent calendar and candle holder in our home. I always looked forward to opening the door on the calendar every day and lighting the candles each Sunday. We would do readings and have special family dinners on Sundays during advent. We also received one small gift … Continue reading