Sandal Score!

I have been trying to be a good patient and follow my chiropractor’s advice on wearing shoes with some sort of strap in the back. I have an old ankle injury that has been bothering me lately and wearing flip-flops or slide on shoes really exacerbates the problem. Therefore, I have been building up my collection of sandals…before about 2 months ago I really had no flat sandals with straps. I now have 5 pairs…

White: From Ross, only paid $10 for these..have only worn them twice but I like them.

Pinkish/Red: From Ross, only paid $8 and still haven’t worn them yet.

Bronze: from Old Navy…I have had these the longest and wear them all the time. I think I got them for $6.

Black: Payless…these were the most expensive…about $18 and I wear them often.

Turquoise: From Target, $15. My favorite pair…probably because it’s my favorite color!

If you don’t already, I highly recommend going to Ross to look for shoes. You can find name brands for great prices and they usually have a pretty good selection. Most shoes are under $20. But, it does help to go early in the day…for whatever reason, Ross stores seem to get chaotic as the day goes on.


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