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Exciting Opportunity

This summer I will be adding my third stamp to my passport. On June 22, I leave for Ecuador on a mission trip with about 8 other people. I will be in Guayaquil and Quito for 10 days assisting local missionaries with various ministries. Among other things, we will be helping with a medical clinic, … Continue reading

Give up or keep going?

                                                Recently I was talking with a friend about adversity in life. She mentioned that growing up she was always told something along the lines of “if it seems like doors are closing, it’s just not God’s will.” Then yesterday a co-worker said something along these lines “if you are walking in God’s will, then … Continue reading


From my post at carpool this morning, I saw dozens and dozens of police vehicles lining up, florist van after florist van delivering flower arrangements, and many officers practicing formations. From my window, I can see black tinted vehicles, official looking men in black suits, media vans, helicopters hovering and gawkers galore. From my desk, … Continue reading

You can’t take it back

A wise person once said that spouting out hurtful words is like squeezing out a whole tube of toothpaste. Just as you can’t take the words back, you can never really get the toothpaste back in the tube. I was painfully reminded of this analogy yesterday as I tried to repair damage I had done with my … Continue reading

In the minority

As I mention in my “about” section, I am a graduate student…allow me to elaborate upon that–I am a graduate student at the University of North Texas pursuing a Master’s in Art Education. This alone puts me in the minority…do you know anyone else in this field? My point exactly. However, even once you get … Continue reading