From Pinterest to Real Life…

So in hopes of not letting this be true…

I have decided to try to put into reality some of the many outfits that I have been pinning to the “My Style” board on my Pinterest. The real life outfits were created using only pieces I already had…no buying anything new for this challenge.

Inspiration Outfit #1

Real Life Outfit #1

Jeans, Shirt, Shoes: Kohls

Earrings: Target

Purse: Marshalls

Bracelets: Various places

The embellishment had been on another shirt that I did not like it with so once I saw the outfit on Pinterest I added it to this black shirt that I found on clearance a few weeks ago for $6.00. Before I ever even started using Pinterest I had purchased this purse this summer to use for the fall. All in all, I feel like I matched the inspiration fairly well. I can’t wear jeans to work so I had on denim trousers. I enjoyed wearing this outfit–I felt comfy and cute–and I got compliments on it so it’s a winner in my book!

Inspiration Outfit #2

Real Life Outfit #2

how do i get my "in the mirror" pics to not be fuzzy?

Cami/Tank/Watch: Target

Coral Cardigan: Old Navy

Necklace: I got it in Italy

Earrings: Had them for a long time…Sam Moon, maybe?

Bracelet: Kohls

I changed this outfit a bit but the main concept I was using from the Pinterest outfit was pairing the turquoise and orange/coral color. Remember, I was using what I already had so this was what I came up with…I don’t think it was anything groundbreaking but it worked fine.

Have you worn anything inspired by Pinterest?

I am linking this post up with Lindsey from Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. Head over there on Wednesday and check out all the fabulous outfits!


One thought on “From Pinterest to Real Life…

  1. i love that you used your pinterest inspiration boards to build your outfits! i have a ton of outfits pinned but i never think to look at them while getting ready for work. maybe i should print some pictures off and tape them to my closet door! 🙂 happy wednesday!

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