The other day, while in a store, I saw a display for Gwen Stefani’s fragrances, Harajuku Lovers. I suppose these fragrances are inspired by or named after her entourage/backup dancers, the Harajuku girls. If you are familiar with Gwen Stefani then surely you have seen these four girls. Anyway.

I have never given much thought to Gwen’s backup dancers or her perfume, but I know that she has received some criticism for exploiting the Japanese culture or stereotyping Asian women. My point is not to comment on that since I don’t have much of a formed opinion about the Harajuku girls. Gwen claims she is simply inspired and influenced by that culture and fashion style, which can be referred to as Japanese street fashion. I say all this to tell you, I have SEEN this Japanese street fashion and it is outrageous. I can definitely see where Gwen has gotten some of her ideas and style from now that I have been to Japan. While there, we went to Harajuku (which is  a neighborhood/area in Tokyo) to people watch, knowing that it is famous for it’s over the top sights. We were not disappointed. As we sat on a bench on the street, eating our snowcones, the same girls would walk up and down the street. I suppose to see and be seen. I wish we could have gotten more photos, but here are some pics we did get…

Japan_Jason 059

Japan_Jason 135

Japan_Jason 136

Japan_Jason 137


6 thoughts on “Harajuku

  1. Those are some crazy outfits!

    I love Gwen Stefani. I didn’t know about her Harajuku Lovers perfume. She also has a perfume called Lamb.

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