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Steph’s Wedding–Part 2

The rehearsal dinner was on New Years Eve at a local country club. They were still decorated for Christmas and it was very pretty. We had a low country boil along with fried chicken and clam chowder–it was yummy! I actually didn’t end up with very many pictures from the evening but here they are… … Continue reading


I have mentioned before that my family had a lakehouse that we have enjoyed for many years. The house is a small cottage type of place that was never built to be a grand place…it was built affordably many years ago. Only about 1000 square feet and one bathroom but we loved it! As time went … Continue reading

Long Time Coming

This past Saturday Jason graduated with his Bachelor’s in Mathematical Studies, with a focus in Statistics, from the University of Texas at Dallas! Hooray! This is a huge blessing at our house and we thank God that this day has finally come. I am so proud of Jason for persevering through many obstacles and frustrations … Continue reading

Furry Friend

I am not really sure I have ever formally introduced the blog world to my dog. We have a purebred Dalmatian named Nookie. He is 11 years old–will be 12 in September. Jason has had Nookie for almost 10 years. A friend told Jason about seeing the dog in the paper so Jason called the … Continue reading

SNOW in Texas?!?

In honor of tonight’s predicted snow, here are some pictures from the last snow we had here in Texas. Snowmen around our neighborhood… While maybe not the most skill of snowmen makers, the neighborhood kids were sure busy and had lots of fun! They also built this fort… Our own home covered in the beauty … Continue reading


Ten years ago this May I graduated from high school. Lately emails about my ten-year reunion have been popping up in my inbox and on Facebook. I am undecided about attending. You see, I actually only attended high school for three years. Sometime during my sophomore year my best friend and I decided to graduate … Continue reading