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Back in January, my mom got me a bunch of clothes for my birthday that all came from Ross. I kept about half of them and returned the other half (didn’t fit, didn’t like, didn’t need or whatnot). Well, for 3 months now I have been carrying around this store credit from Ross. While visiting … Continue reading


Confession time. I don’t have HD or DVR. I don’t have a Blu Ray player or a flat screen TV. I certainly don’t have digital capabilities. I don’t even have cable. Heck, I don’t even have a decent antenna. I get about 8 channels, three of which are very fuzzy, two of which are in Spanish, … Continue reading

Exciting Opportunity

This summer I will be adding my third stamp to my passport. On June 22, I leave for Ecuador on a mission trip with about 8 other people. I will be in Guayaquil and Quito for 10 days assisting local missionaries with various ministries. Among other things, we will be helping with a medical clinic, … Continue reading

Free Stuff

If you haven’t discovered or tried Redbox, I encourage you to do so. $1 for a move rental is a steal, especially compared to Blockbuster. I know, I know, some of you are on the Netflix bandwagon and that’s a great deal, too. Believe me, if Jason would give the okay, I would sign up for … Continue reading

Livin’ on a budget

Jason and I are definitely not the type of people that eat out every meal (I do actually cook, people) but we do enjoy dining out. But, we also live on a budget. How do those two things mesh, you may ask. Allow me to share how we accomplish this (that is, besides the plethora … Continue reading