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Steph’s Wedding–Part 2

The rehearsal dinner was on New Years Eve at a local country club. They were still decorated for Christmas and it was very pretty. We had a low country boil along with fried chicken and clam chowder–it was yummy! I actually didn’t end up with very many pictures from the evening but here they are… … Continue reading

Steph’s Wedding-Part 1

Over New Year’s weekend Jason and I made the loooong trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (by car) for the wedding of Stephanie and Nathan and boy, was it ever worth it! I wouldn’t have missed Stephanie’s wedding for anything and I was so happy and proud to stand up there with her as … Continue reading

Steph’s Shower: Tablescape Thursday

Back in October I had the privilege of hosting a small, casual wedding shower for my friend Stephanie in my home. I had planned to go with an orange-colored theme but when I found creme and brown plates I loved I decided to go with that. I was very pleased with how everything turned out … Continue reading

Party Planning

One of my best friends is getting married in January and I have the honor of hosting a bridal shower for her this fall. I am so excited because I adore parties! I love planning for them, attending them, preparing for them, and having them. For a long time I shied away from having many … Continue reading

Summer Recap

Wow–have I really not posted since May 20th?? Truly pathetic and I will be surprised if I still even have any readers out there! Well, I guess my long absence calls for a summer recap of where I have been and what in the world I have been doing with my time. Here goes… I … Continue reading


Ten years ago this May I graduated from high school. Lately emails about my ten-year reunion have been popping up in my inbox and on Facebook. I am undecided about attending. You see, I actually only attended high school for three years. Sometime during my sophomore year my best friend and I decided to graduate … Continue reading

Say hello to summer

This past weekend, Steph and I had a girls weekend at the Island on beautiful Lake Travis. We stayed in this condo and had an excellent time. The weather was great–cloudy, but a perfect temperature–and the views were incredible. If you are looking for a good getaway, I highly recommend this place. Sunset. Photo courtesy … Continue reading