Ten years ago this May I graduated from high school. Lately emails about my ten-year reunion have been popping up in my inbox and on Facebook. I am undecided about attending. You see, I actually only attended high school for three years. Sometime during my sophomore year my best friend and I decided to graduate early. So while I am acquainted with most of the people I graduated with (it is a small town, after all) they aren’t the ones I had been in class with every year since Pre-Kindergarten.

What are your thoughts? Did you attend your 10 year reunion? Your 15th? Your 20th? Do you regret going? Do you wish you had gone? Were you happy you went?

With my best friend Emily

I graduated outside. In May. In Texas. Enough said. But isn't my sister-in-law gorgeous!

Because we were the “millenium” class our student council decided we would wear awful gold-ish, yellow graduation robes. Every year before and since has worn blue (school colors are blue and gold). Since I detested those yellow robes, I had my senior portraits done in the traditional blue one I borrowed from a friend who had graduated the year before.

Wearing the borrowed blue gown

My favorite senior portrait


3 thoughts on “10

  1. I went to my 10 year reunion, but didn’t think it was that much fun. Most of my best friends, who I keep up with anyway, weren’t there. It was WAY overpriced and George was completely bored.

  2. It might be fun to go. Then again, I was homeschooled for high school, and I have no desire to see any of the people I went to middle school with. So if you decide not to go I could relate to that. I think it’s so cool that you took your pictures in the regular color robes! Such a rebel. 😉

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