Steph’s Wedding-Part 1

Over New Year’s weekend Jason and I made the loooong trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (by car) for the wedding of Stephanie and Nathan and boy, was it ever worth it! I wouldn’t have missed Stephanie’s wedding for anything and I was so happy and proud to stand up there with her as she took her vows to her new husband. Out of her bridesmaids I have known Stephanie the least amount of time but I feel like she has been my friend forever. She knows everything about me and is my go-to person with all my frustrations, worries, joys and everyday chatter. God brought her into my life at a time when I had prayed (and Jason had also done for me!) for a close friend for quite some time. I had moved from my hometown, was commuting to school, and was part of a part of church that I loved dearly but did not have many people my same age. Then one day, voila, there was Stephanie. I don’t really even remember how it all started (although I bet she could probably tell you) but pretty soon we were hanging out all the time. Jason was in school at night at the time so many of our evenings were spent together– having dinner, watching tv, and just hanging out. Way too soon after that she left to move to San Antonio but we kept our friendship going with emails, phone calls, Facebook, and visits (too few!). Now she’s even farther away in Florida but I couldn’t be happier for her! Okay, I didn’t really mean to even get into all that I just wanted to say how incredibly overjoyed I am for this new journey for Stephanie and how blessed I am to be her friend. Now, onto the good stuff–the pictures!! I am going to post three times about the wedding…the bridal brunch, the rehearsal dinner, then the actual wedding. So stay tuned!

To start off our weekend we had a delightful brunch on Friday morning hosted by Nathan’s grandmothers at the super-cute boutique and eatery you see above. The decor was right up my alley and happened to be blue-themed which actually fit with Stephanie’s wedding colors quite perfectly. Here is the bridal party…

From Left to Right: Amber, Samantha (both are Steph’s sisters), the bride!, me, and Katie (Stephanie’s best friend from San Antonio).

Just me and the bride…

Her dress even fits in with the color scheme!

Katie actually got some really good pictures from the brunch…

Notice Stephanie’s necklace…it’s a photo of Nathan from when he was a little kid…too cute (a gift from Nathan to one of his aunts when he was little who then passed it to Stephanie at the brunch).

These pictures show off some of the pretties that were for sale inside the store that connected to the little place where we had brunch. Everything was gorgeous but pricey–I did get a mercury glass “K” Christmas ornaments and a pretty box of matches (I have a thing with pretty boxes of matches).

And here’s another of the gorgeous table set for our bridal brunch…

Notice the party favors at every table…

It was a native oyster with small pearls glued to the underside to serve as feet and filled with saltwater taffy. The tag read that it was supposed to serve as a little jewelry holder but I have mine sitting on the bookshelf as a memento (in a spot where I plan to put a picture from the wedding as soon as I have them printed). I thought this was a very clever favor.

As you can see the brunch was fantastic…the decor, the food, the shopping, the favors and of course, the company!

By the way, if you want a sneak peak of the professional wedding pictures, go here and stay tuned for my next two posts.


One thought on “Steph’s Wedding-Part 1

  1. YAY!

    Here’s what I remember: (1) You, me, Jason, & Tim discussing my license plates and Jason putting them on for me after Sunday night church. (2) A ladies’ tea that you helped to host, and you and I visiting afterward. (3) Me calling you for directions to the “new” location in Garland and us chit-chatting for a little while, although you were in Missouri. I think Jason’s grandpa was ill. (4) You randomly calling me one Saturday morning and inviting me over to hang out at your home. From that point, our friendship grew dramatically.


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