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Signature Style

Recently, John and Sherry at Young House Love posted about Ethan Allen’s Signature Style quiz. Well, I am never one to turn down a quiz! I got the Explorer style every time I took the quiz…yes, I may have taken it at least 10 times. Don’t hate. explorer “The results are in – your Signature … Continue reading


For all of you that haven’t seen this on Facebook yet (Laura, I know you are out there!)… A few weeks ago my school had a character dress up day to promote our Spring book fair. The teachers were all supposed to dress as a favorite book character and it was a complete surprise to … Continue reading

I just can’t seem to get in a good habit of blogging regularly!  But, I came across this poster and just had to share… By Selin Jessa. Found it here

Forgotten Pictures

When cleaning off my desktop on my PC, I came across some pictures I never shared with all of you. These were taken last winter when a group of ladies gathered at church to learn how to make tamales. It was such a great day of learning and fellowship. Although I can’t say I will … Continue reading

On the Map

My family owns a lakehouse in a small town in east Texas. This land/house has been in my family for dozens of years, it’s on a small, fairly quiet lake and we immensely enjoy it. For reasons unbeknownst to me, a few years ago a very famous person bought a house on Lake Jacksonville. He … Continue reading

SNOW in Texas?!?

In honor of tonight’s predicted snow, here are some pictures from the last snow we had here in Texas. Snowmen around our neighborhood… While maybe not the most skill of snowmen makers, the neighborhood kids were sure busy and had lots of fun! They also built this fort… Our own home covered in the beauty … Continue reading


I guess it’s a night of photo play… Photo by me. Edited with Picnik.

It will never be the same

If you know me well, you know that one of my favorite TV shows of all time is 90210. After tonight, when I tell people that I will have to clarify by saying “the original.” That is because tonight, on the CW, an all-new 90210 will premiere. This is the “next generation” but I guarantee … Continue reading