On the Map

My family owns a lakehouse in a small town in east Texas. This land/house has been in my family for dozens of years, it’s on a small, fairly quiet lake and we immensely enjoy it. For reasons unbeknownst to me, a few years ago a very famous person bought a house on Lake Jacksonville. He has no family here and no ties to the town that I am aware of…now, let it be known Jacksonville has actually produced some famous people over the years– Neal McCoy, Martina McBride, and more but I have NEVER heard of anyone famous actually choosing to move to this town of 15,000. Yet, that’s exactly what McDreamy did. Well, I guess not technically move here…it is only a vacation home after all, but still, it’s a big deal. And no, I have not had a sighting yet but not for lack of trying. I have cruised by his house on the boat several times but to no avail.  Maybe someday…

Anyway, the other night on the Leno show Dempsey really put us on the map when he mentioned Lake J’ville in his interview (it’s toward the end of the interview). Check it out-it’s pretty cool because he even says “J’ville” which is how we locals refer to the lake/town. Also, if you want to elevate your stalker status, check out this site with pictures of all 3 of his houses, including the house on Lake J’ville.


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