Signature Style

Recently, John and Sherry at Young House Love posted about Ethan Allen’s Signature Style quiz. Well, I am never one to turn down a quiz!

I got the Explorer style every time I took the quiz…yes, I may have taken it at least 10 times. Don’t hate.


“The results are in – your Signature Lifestyle is Explorer. Explorer channels a sense of adventure through furnishings and accessories that conjure images of world travel. The feeling is relaxed eclecticism. It comes to life through textural variations, intricately detailed woods, global-inspired fabrics, and natural fibers. Whether in rural or urban settings, the spirit of this lifestyle fits right in.”

This does seem to fit me. I don’t have many “intricately detailed woods” but I am abounding in “textural variations” and “natural fibers.” While clicking through the signature style pieces and images, a couple of them caught my eye…

That ottoman is fantastic!

I have been wanting a garden stool for ages but haven’t found one cheap enough for me yet!

Who wouldn’t want a row of beautiful chaises next to a sparkling pool??

Four poster beds with white sheers make me swoon!
Some of these staple pieces from Ethan Allen might anchor your room, but if you truly want that “explorer” look, it takes time. Even their own description reads “Explorer channels a sense of adventure through furnishings and accessories that conjure images of world travel. The feeling is relaxed eclecticism.” So, to accomplish a look that says “word travel” or “relaxed eclecticism” you have to go out there and hunt for it. It won’t come from a one-stop shop. Don’t get me wrong…furniture stores can be great. My sofa, entertainment center, and dining set are all from a furniture store. But, when it comes to the little things it’s collecting them over time, from various places, that will bring you that explorer style. And it doesn’t require traveling to do it. I have things from around the world, some brought back by me but some by other people that I have then gotten at estate sales, consignment shops, etc. I love how the items in my home tell a story…whether it’s mine of someone else’s matters not. A bit of my own explorer style…
What’s your signature style? Will you be Elegance, Vintage, Modern, Romance, or Explorer?
Find out at Ethan Allen. Be sure and come back and share your results!

One thought on “Signature Style

  1. According to the quiz my signature style is Explorer also. I like an eclectic look, so I pretty much agree with that.

    Young House Love is one of my favorite blogs!

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