For all of you that haven’t seen this on Facebook yet (Laura, I know you are out there!)…

A few weeks ago my school had a character dress up day to promote our Spring book fair. The teachers were all supposed to dress as a favorite book character and it was a complete surprise to the students. Immediately when the dress-up day was announced, Pippi Longstocking popped into my head. I am not sure why considering I have never even read the books. But I have seen the movies and loved them as a kid. Plus, I thought it would be a fun costume. After all, I am the crazy art teacher and I have to work to keep up my image as such.

The real Pippi usually wore some patchwork dress kind of thing but I wanted to use things I already had. Stripes and mis-matched clothes always showed up in her wardrobe so that’s what I went with…and of course the long stockings! I did end up buying the socks but they were on clearance at Target so my grand total for my costume was $1.50.

I braided my hair with wire running through it and pinned a stuffed monkey to my shoulder. A few freckles made with eyeliner and I was good to go! It was a lot of fun although 90% of my students had no idea who Pippi Longstocking was–oh the tragedy!

Some other characters around the school…

So much fun!!


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