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Stories from Uganda

One of the things I was in charge of for the Uganda trip was painting some murals on the walls of a new school. African Hearts had opened an elementary school in February and we volunteered to add some color to their walls. It is very common for schools in Uganda to have teaching aids … Continue reading

Stories from Uganda…

More about African Hearts… In my last post I introduced you to the African Hearts organization and its leaders, Lutaaya, Junior, and Kenny. I mostly talked about the home for the younger boys but I would like to share more about the older boys… This is the home where the older boys live. It is … Continue reading

Stories from Uganda

Another very special part of my trip to Uganda was finally meeting the boys and leaders of African Hearts. My assistant principal, Yvonne, made a connection with African Hearts through an Operation Christmas Child box (another story for another time) and through God’s providence has been able to visit these boys many times over the … Continue reading

Stories from Uganda

The man on the left is Emma. He is 25 years old. Emma went to school to be a nurse and then began his career at a local hospital. While at work he encountered many women who would plead with him to perform abortions or ask where they could go for an abortion. Although abortion … Continue reading

Steph’s Wedding-Part 1

Over New Year’s weekend Jason and I made the loooong trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (by car) for the wedding of Stephanie and Nathan and boy, was it ever worth it! I wouldn’t have missed Stephanie’s wedding for anything and I was so happy and proud to stand up there with her as … Continue reading

Upcoming Adventure

Last May I blogged about my dream of going to Africa and little did I know that within less than a year that dream would actually be coming true. In March I will be heading to Uganda for a 10 day mission trip then ending the trip with a 3 day safari in Kenya.  Going … Continue reading

Nothing Quite Compares

I have been many places across the US and even to some other countries (and going to another soon–more on that later!) but one of my favorite places is at the lake,  more specifically the lake in my hometown but I have a fondness for lakes in general. Being at the lake is a feeling … Continue reading

On the Map

My family owns a lakehouse in a small town in east Texas. This land/house has been in my family for dozens of years, it’s on a small, fairly quiet lake and we immensely enjoy it. For reasons unbeknownst to me, a few years ago a very famous person bought a house on Lake Jacksonville. He … Continue reading

Vacation, Continued

I took a little break from my vacation posts  for a while but wanted to share with you where we went after Niagara Falls. We headed to the Cincinnati area to visit the Creation Museum. This was really our last major stop. Being the science-y guy that he is, Jason love all things creation, dinosaur, … Continue reading

Niagara Falls

Upon leaving the wedding in PA, Jason and I made our way up to NY state and crossed the border into Canada at Niagara Falls. Coming off a holiday weekend the border crossing took a bit of time but we ultimately went through without any problem. The whole Niagara Falls trip thing hadn’t been planned … Continue reading