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Stories from Uganda

One of the things I was in charge of for the Uganda trip was painting some murals on the walls of a new school. African Hearts had opened an elementary school in February and we volunteered to add some color to their walls. It is very common for schools in Uganda to have teaching aids … Continue reading

Want to hire me??

Some of you may (and some of you may not) know that I do a little painting on the side…my full time gig is being an art teacher. Since college, most of that painting has been decorative, primarily for kids rooms and such. I have a few samples I am going to share…unfortunately, I have … Continue reading

Making a House a Home

To me, a home is a comfortable space full of friends and family, laughter and conversation, music and tears, rest and refuge, memories and mementos, treasures and trinkets… I work hard to make our house a home and for me, part of that is making it visually appealing and inviting. Given my artistic sensibilities I … Continue reading

Web Finds

If you find yourself bored, here are some amusing sites to visit… Wordle Bomomo Scribbler ArtPad Unleash your inner artist!

Coffee Table Update

A while back I blogged about needing wanting a coffee table.  About a month after that post, my mom and I happened upon a table at Rega. This is one of our favorite stores and we try to pop in everytime we go to Tyler. You never know what new things might be in there.  … Continue reading

Design Favorites

I am the type of person that really pays attention to scenery and settings when I watch movies. Over the years, there have been houses in movies that I have really loved and even copied some of the decorating in my own home. I find myself often wishing they would turn the corner in the kitchen, … Continue reading

Etsy Fun

  Here are some of my favorite Etsy shops…so far, I am only a window shopper…. John Golden: vintage inspired digital art Jessica Mattingly: unique expressions Tamar: neat, pretty things Elizabeth Scott: jewelry Brandywine Boutique: handmade art and paper crafts Well Feathered Nest: handcrafted stationery