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Top Ten #3

This weeks topic: The Top Ten Things You Like to do in Winter… Cuddle under the covers and sleep late Take hot bubble baths Use the fireplace Burn cinnamon scented candles Wear flannel pajamas and fuzzy slippers Get a day off school for ice/snow Wear all my fun scarves, hats, and gloves Drink hot chocolate … Continue reading

Top Ten #2

The Top Ten for this week is the Top Ten Things You Would Change About the World (provided you got the chance). Life would be a slower pace…The running to and fro with endless activities and the fast pace of today’s life is a little hectic for me. I would just like to take time … Continue reading

Thursdays Top Ten

In hopes of finding some new material I was looking around online for ideas about blogging and came across this site that posts a “top ten” idea every week. I am going to try it out…I may not be great about keeping up with it but we’ll see. This week’s prompt is the Top Ten … Continue reading