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Thursdays Top Ten

In hopes of finding some new material I was looking around online for ideas about blogging and came across this site that posts a “top ten” idea every week. I am going to try it out…I may not be great about keeping up with it but we’ll see. This week’s prompt is the Top Ten … Continue reading

Dance Movies

I am a sucker for dance movies. Just ask Jason. With Patrick Swayze’s recent passing and with me being sick in bed all weekend, I seized the opportunity to pay tribute to my favorite dance movie of all time–Dirty Dancing. I have probably watched this DVD close to a 100 times. I am surprised it … Continue reading


Confession time. I don’t have HD or DVR. I don’t have a Blu Ray player or a flat screen TV. I certainly don’t have digital capabilities. I don’t even have cable. Heck, I don’t even have a decent antenna. I get about 8 channels, three of which are very fuzzy, two of which are in Spanish, … Continue reading

Design Favorites

I am the type of person that really pays attention to scenery and settings when I watch movies. Over the years, there have been houses in movies that I have really loved and even copied some of the decorating in my own home. I find myself often wishing they would turn the corner in the kitchen, … Continue reading

Free Stuff

If you haven’t discovered or tried Redbox, I encourage you to do so. $1 for a move rental is a steal, especially compared to Blockbuster. I know, I know, some of you are on the Netflix bandwagon and that’s a great deal, too. Believe me, if Jason would give the okay, I would sign up for … Continue reading