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Product Reviews #1

A while back, I promised some product reviews–here is my first batch… Alba Hawaiian I tried a few products from this line (made by Avalon)–some good, some not so great. First, the lip balm (I opted for “pineapple quench“). I LOVE the smell of this lip balm, but it has a little bit of a gritty texture. Not … Continue reading

Paraben Paranoia

For a while now I have been semi-interested in being more conscious about the chemicals and substances I put in my body and on my skin. I say semi-interested because I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about my zealousness on this issue. There’s been a lot of thinking, a lot of talking … Continue reading

EZ 2 B Green

Your Life is 64% Green                              You live a very green life, and you’re aware of how your actions help the earth. Of course, it’s hard to be totally green. But when you make a tradeoff, you know why you’re making it. How Green Is Your Life? Now, I don’t think this quiz is necessarily … Continue reading