I am a…

sinner saved by grace, wife of nine years, only daughter, youngest sister, aunt to three wonderful nieces and one nephew, dog owner, art teacher, painter, napper extraordinaire, avid reader, bubble bath taker, chips and salsa eater, collage maker, scrapbook attempter, run-on sentence user, traveler, frequent furniture rearranger, procrastinator, lake-goer, party planner, small town girl living in the big city, middle of the bed sleeper and recovering interrupter.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Michelle! You know the little graphic that is by my name when I leave a comment ? My tech guy can’t help me change it to a picture. You obviously did. What’s the trick?


  2. On your dashboard at the top of the page, click on My Account, then Edit Profile. To the right of the page it should say something about changing your gravatar. That’s how you get a picture.

  3. Hey, thanks. I don’t have anything about My Account. My site isn’t hosted by Word Press, so maybe that’s why. I’ll keep working on it.

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