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Smell the roses

I get stuffy noses a lot. I have a lot of allergies, too. Suffice it to say that I spend much of the year sniffling and sneezing. I used to use a lot of Vicks Vapo Rub, Sudafed, Shower Soothers, nose spray and more. I was always on the hunt for the perfect remedy that … Continue reading

21 Day Detox

My last post did not lay out the 21 day detox very specifically, so here is the run down as I got it from my chiropractor… FOODS FOR DAY 1-10 Vegetables and Fruits only!!!! Twice as many vegetables as fruit. Green veggie Every Day. Try to eat at least half raw (or only lightly steamed/stir … Continue reading

21 days

Starting tomorrow morning, I am going on a 21 day “cleanse.” Really, I would just call it a healthy eating jumpstart, but whatever–it will be great after the Thanksgiving-Christmas eating frenzy. Basically you just eat veggies, fruit, and small amounts of chicken and fish for 21 days. Nothing else. To prepare, I went to Sprouts … Continue reading