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Getting personal

If you would like to see a behind the scenes perspective of the McCain/Palin campaign trail, visit this blog… McCain Blogette It is written by Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain and includes some very poignant photography by Heather Brand, friend of Meghan McCain. Here are two of my favorites… Advertisements


Things I have read today that caught my attention… “If you don’t vote, you are giving up a privilege people die to make possible.”  -Rick Warren “I would say that as an ardent practicing Catholic this is an issue [when life begins] that I have studied for a long time, and what I know is over the … Continue reading

Sanctity of Human Life

  This week has been declared “Sanctity of Human Life Week“, in addition to this year being the 35th anniversary of the legalization of abortion in the United States. While I did read that abortion rates are actually down this year of the anniversary, there are still over an estimated million abortions done each year. … Continue reading

A Trick or Just a Treat?

Growing up, my mother was always weary of Halloween, but she did find her own happy medium and still allowed us kids to participate in the festivities on some level. For example: we could dress up but not dress up in anything scary; we could trick or treat, but only at houses where we knew the residents; … Continue reading