Party Planning

One of my best friends is getting married in January and I have the honor of hosting a bridal shower for her this fall. I am so excited because I adore parties! I love planning for them, attending them, preparing for them, and having them. For a long time I shied away from having many social events in my home because I was always worried it was too small. I am now trying to get over that hang-up. The guest list for this shower is about 30 people so we’ll see how it goes! Honestly I think people tend to have more fun when they are cram-packed in a tiny space…it makes them have to get to know each other. 

Some inspiration for the shower…

I am sure you can tell that my inspiration is the colors of autumn–also happens to be my favorite time of the year! My house is already decorated with browns, reds, oranges, and greens so I think this scheme will be perfect. I have been keeping my eye out for napkins/plates/invites and other little touches. Let me know if you see anything you think would work!


4 thoughts on “Party Planning

  1. I’m not sure I was supposed to see this, but oh well. I am SO excited, too! I agree with what you said about small spaces- they really make for the best mixers. And I love the color pallate. I love everything fall!

  2. Yes, I love autumn and I am so READY for it to be here!

    And Steph, since we had already talked about it a little I just figured it didn’t matter…it’s not like it’s a surprise or anything. 🙂

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