Surely I am not the only one…

Who coordinates what my husband and I are going to wear? I mean, not on a daily basis or anything crazy like that but for special occasions and dressy events. Typically this means getting my outfit decided on then picking out his shirt and/or tie to match or coordinate. I guess he is like my own personal Ken doll– thank goodness he doesn’t mind.

Some photographic evidence…

Grey and black on New Years Eve this year

Brown and red for Christmas

Yellow for a wedding in 07

Yellow again, this time for my grandmother's 80th birthday party

Shades of blue for another wedding

Both wearing black at Thanksgiving 08

Black and red on Christmas Eve this year

So does anyone else do this? I honestly had never given it much thought until my mother-in-law pointed out that Jason and I are always matching. Is it cheesy?? Come on, be honest with me!


4 thoughts on “Surely I am not the only one…

  1. We do that. We don’t have to “match” just as long as we don’t clash. I think if we walked around wearing matching pink polos it would be cheesy, but you and Jason just look nice.

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