Hair Happenings

Last spring I kept saying I was going to cut my hair (like really cut it…8 inches or so) and I actually intended to but somehow spring turned into summer and I never did it. Now it’s fall (YEA!) and I have decided to hold off on cutting it short but do want a semi-new look. Here is my hair currently…

It has gotten pretty long and I was lazy all summer and hardly ever blow dried or straightened it. So, long and wavy it is. Typically the bang area is pulled back with bobby pins (as you see above) and by the end of the day it’s almost always in a ponytail….

Cute, I know.

So hence the reason I need a change. I want something easy (that’s obviously a given) but that has some style. My hair is thick so thinning it out with layers is a good way to go but they can’t get too short or else they will mushroom out when I decide to wear it curly. I have gone back and forth with bangs since high school (before then I always had them) and I think it’s time to have them again. Here are my inspiration photos…

Isn’t Reese Witherspoon just gorgeous!?! Let’s have another one of her…

So there are things about each of these hairstyles that I like that I am hoping will work for me. Of course, I won’t have the advantage of a stylist following me around 24/7 but I would like to think that these girls are all normal enough that they actually do their own hair once in a while.

Your thoughts? Suggestions?

I actually plan on getting my hair cut tomorrow after work so I will update you accordingly!


3 thoughts on “Hair Happenings

  1. I like all of the photos, but the 3rd one is my favorite. I love the way it looks perfectly messy!

    I would do anything to not have bangs, but since you’ve had them before, I won’t try to talk you out of them. : )

  2. Kasey, I really like that one too but am afraid it would not look intentional but rather like I rolled out of bed! I am not too good at recreating that “effortless” look! 🙂

    Amy, the 1st one is really the one I am leaning toward…I will let you know!

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