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A few of my favorite things

In honor of Spring, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things for the season… Nalgene water bottles. I am rarely without one and the link will take you to my pick. Reef flip flops. I have several pairs, but these are next on my “gotta have these” list. Reef makes the best … Continue reading

Birthday Flowers

 I got beautiful flowers for my birthday this year. Here is a photo of one below (after being played with in photoshop). I love the effect…my mind is full of possibilities.

I am not too afraid to admit it

I was tagged by my friend, Stephanie, to list six weird things about myself. My disclaimer is this: my list contains six things that I feel most people would think are weird, not necessarily what I feel is weird. Here goes… 1. I have been to an actual monster truck rally. Yes,it’s true…go ahead and make … Continue reading