Pinterest Inspired

When I first started using Pinterest (follow me!) I pinned this very popular Crayon Art

via but these are ALL over the net!

This was not long after school had started. Then a couple of days after I had seen this melted crayon canvas one of the 3rd grade teachers at my school excitedly came up to me and said she had seen the cutest project done with crayons on Pinterest. I knew immediately she was referring to this melted crayon art! She lamented that she loved it but is not too crafty…well since she is one fabulous lady I decided to surprise her with her own crayon canvas.

I started out using a blow dryer but my crayons weren’t so much melting as they were smoking! So Jason went and got his heat gun from the garage and that worked much better. Since this was my first time it was a bit of a trial & error on getting the wax to flow down like I wanted. I think it turned out fine but now I know how to make it better if I ever do this again! And here it is in her classroom…

I love Pinterest!!


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