Today marks the 10th anniversary of the attacks on our country that took place on September 11, 2001. I am sure most of you can remember exactly where you were when you first heard the news…mumblings of planes crashing into buildings, rumors of terrorism, possibilities of more attacks…it was a frightening and confusing time for our country. It was a day we won’t ever forget and even more so for those that were directly affected by the tragedy of that day. I have heard it said that over 3,000 children lost a parent on 9-11. I shared that fact with my students this past week…we have been discussing 9-11 with our students and on Friday we dressed in red, white, and blue to honor the lives lost in the attacks. Many of my students were not born on September 11, 2001 or else they were just babies. They only have the memories and stories passed down to them. It’s odd to think that an event that is so solidly vivid in my own mind is something they have simply read about in history books. Jason and I actually visited NYC for the first, and only, time in 2002. Ground Zero had not yet been fully cleared of rubble and it was a surreal experience. The makeshift steel support cross that we had seen splashed across magazine covers was still standing… the chain link fence surrounding the site was still covered in letters, flowers, pictures,  and stuffed animals…there were posters and signs covering nearby walls. It reminded me of when I was in middle school and went to the site of the Oklahoma City bombing but on a much larger, horrific scale. These are all the things I tried to share with my students this week but it’s hard for them to truly wrap their little minds around the magnitude of the event. But, together, we worked all week on this mural and I think they did an excellent job…

May we never forget.


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