Day 10

A Picture of the Person You Do the Most Weird Things With…

I’ll be honest…this is one is a tough one for me. I am not sure I really qualify as someone who does a whole lot of “weird” things, as least not anymore. Most of my days of saran-wrapping cars and walking around Wal-Mart dressed in full 70s attire are over. But, for sure I have done the most weird things with my friend Emily–even if they were all 10+ years ago. We became friends in 7th grade, cemented our friendship that summer when she lost her dad to cancer, and remained inseparable until we left for college. Although not as close as we once were, there is a bond there that will never be lost. We have been through thick and thin together, and of course, lots of weird things.

Here we are in 10th grade…

Here we are at graduation…

It was like a million degrees that day and we graduated OUTSIDE. Ugh. And you can see Emily’s hairdo…she chopped off and dyed her hair red right before graduation. She was always much better at doing weird things than I was. But, she made me step outside of my comfort zone and for that I love her.


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