Day 8

A Picture That Makes You Laugh…

This is Jason’s grandfather back in 2007 at the Kearney Family Reunion. He can usually be found at the dessert table as he always like to have what he calls “a little something sweet.” He is wearing his Kearney family crest t-shirt along with teal pants, complete with matching teal belt. How many people do you know who own teal pants WITH matching belt? Or a shirt with their family crest, for that matter. That alone makes me chuckle. But I also laugh when I see this picture thinking of how Jason will probably be when he gets older. Jason’s grandfather is a man of many quirks and we all get a kick out of his personality. Unfortunately he now has Alzheimer’s and isn’t quite the same Grandaddy anymore but he is still one of the sweetest, most caring men I have known. I was very blessed to inherit him when I married Jason…especially since both of my grandfathers had already passed away.


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