Spring Cleaning

When you live with a dog you live with dog hair. It’s just part of the deal. And Dalmatians shed A LOT. Most of the time I am okay with this but there are always about 2-3 weeks during the spring when it drives me absolutely out of my mind. I suppose it’s the shedding of the winter coat or whatever–I don’t know–but the hair practically just flies off Nookie as he walks across the room. Then you see it swirling around in the air and landing on every surface imaginable and then I start to lose it. Just a little bit. For instance, about a week ago I was sweeping…for the second time in a week, mind you, and this is what my pile ended up to be…

This was a day or so after some bad weather so there is some dirt and leaves mixed in that the dog tracked in but LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR! Seriously?!? How can that much hair come off a dog (and remember, this was the 2nd sweep of the week) and the dog not be bald! Oh the things we do…

For love! Puppy love, that is.  : )


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