Summer’s Coming…

And you have to be properly stocked up on all the appropriate footwear. For me this means a classic black pair of flip-flops. They are my go-to shoes for the entire summer. For years I have loved Reef flip-flops. I have owned 4 or 5 pairs in my life (they last a loooong time) and they are worth the money (I paid $40 for my favs). But, a couple of years ago they stopped making my favorite style and I just can’t wear my current ones through another summer…they are seriously sad looking. I also love the comfort of the Yellow Box  flops but most of their styles are a little bling-y for my tastes. And again, they are pricey but they are nice flip-flops. You have flip-flops (think Old Navy) then you have nice flip-flops…get what I’m sayin’? I am sure all you fellow flip-flop connoisseurs out there do. Plus, this is especially important at my place of employment where we are can usually skate by with “nice” flip-flops but we certainly can’t show up in our Old Navy flops. So, then my hunt for the perfect flip-flops brought me to Corky’s…very similar to Yellow Box but they have some styles that are more suited to my taste. So my mom and I went to try some on and I wasn’t happy with these, either. It bugs me that a lot of the colors have a brown leather part between your toes. I know, it’s ridiculous, but I can’t get past it.

Then on Monday a teacher at my school was walking down the hall in a cute pair of black flip-flops that at first glance I thought might be Corky’s. When I asked her about them she said they were Speedo brand and she had gotten them at Sam’s. She even insisted I put them on and oh, were they wonderful! So cushy and comfy! I told her thank you but mentioned that I didn’t shop at Sam’s. The next morning there was  a box outside m classroom door…she had gone back to Sam’s to get them in another color and had picked me up a pair! I seriously work with the sweetest ladies. Just like that my hunt was over…these are comfy yet the little bit of shine and texture on the strap pushes them slightly into that nice flip-flop category. YEA! Oh, and they were only $13. Talk about a steal! So if you shop at Sam’s I suggest you pick up a pair…or 2 or 3. I sure wish I had them in more colors.


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