Recent Favs…

It’s spring and the weather is getting warmer (except for that weird cold front on Sunday & Monday–crazy!) so it’s time for all the fun must-haves for the season. Here’s my line-up…

1. Clinique’s new Chubby Stick

I got this recently during Macy’s Clinique Bonus Time…I was sold when the girl described it as a “tinted lip balm shaped like a big crayon.” I mean, who could resist? But really, I love this product! I got it in Super Strawberry and I have used it every day since purchasing. I actually wanted Chunky Cherry but they were all sold out. Just another excuse to get another one when bonus time rolls around again.

2. Old Navy’s Sandals

I have worn the ON flip-flops forever but I tried these this year and they are just as awesome. They don’t slide on my feet and you can wear them all day with no problems. My chiropractor is always telling me that flip-flops are terrible for you because of the way your foot has to grip the shoe…she is always wanting me to get shoes with a strap around the back so I finally did! Of course, they are flat which isn’t good either but it’s a baby step. Anyway, I have the navy blue (not available anymore) and the bronze. I would love to get the pink and the animal print. Word of caution…I also tried these and they are not the same…don’t be deceived…these shoes slid all over the place and my foot kept coming out of the shoe.

3.  Lizzy bag by Vera Bradley

I recently got this bag in Call Me Coral (seen below) and it’s so pretty! It has lots of colors to go with lots of outfits. For summer I love cross-body bags…they are great for traveling. Your hands are always free which is good since I am always constantly using my camera. Last year I wore a different Vera cross-body bag during our 2 week road trip and fell in love with these bags. So this year I am trying out this new style…it’s a bit smaller than my other one but there is still plenty of room for my camera (I got a new little cute one for my b-day) and other essentials.

4. OPI Red and Pompeii Purple by OPI Nail Lacquer

This is not a new product…I have been wearing these two colors since high school and they are still my favorites. Old faithful. Every once in a while I get tempted by nail polish I see at Target or Walgreens and I always regret it…OPI is simply the best. I typically wear Pompeii Purple (it’s actually a pink color despite the name and how it looks in the bottle) on my toes all summer long and I like to use OPI Red for my fingernails.

5. A Reusable Cup

This is what I will be sipping iced tea from all summer! I have 3 of these now– I bought one for myself and then I have received two as presents. I originally found mine at Home Goods for $4.99. They are eco-friendly, they keep drinks cool, they are cute, and they save you money! I try not to drink a lot of bottled water because I think it is such a waste (of money and plastic) so these cups are a great alternative. Polar Bottles are another favorite of mine!

With these five products I am all set for summer. You can find me at the lake!


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