Love is (was) in the air…

I have been terribly neglectful of my blog for several months. Back in February I commented on a friend’s blog about her Valentine’s decor and said that I had also decorated for the month of looooove this year–for the first time. At that time I took pictures of my own decor thinking I would post about it within a day or two. Or at least during the week of Valentine’s. Or at the very least sometime during February. And now it’s April. And still no post (until now, obviously). What’s even more sad? I actually only just took the decorations down 4 days ago. Yep, folks, welcome to my world…we have a whole lotta love around here! Good thing my husband doesn’t mind cupid cutouts on all the mirrors in the living room.

Here’s the scoop…

All the dishes are my Butler’s Pantry by Lenox.

The round tray, XOXO blocks, and Love sign came from the dollar spot at Target.

The banner was made by me.

The Love Bug plate was from my cupid cutie (secret pals at work) last year.

The red heart-shaped bowls were borrowed from my mom.

The pink K was from my cupid cutie this year (but I saw these at Hobby Lobby).

The carnations were from students.

And here is my valentine…

That’s his “I am amusing you right now because I don’t want my picture made” face.

And yes, he wears a pocket protector…only real men can do that. Sexy, huh.


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