Thursday’s Top Ten

The Top Ten for this week is 10 Things You Love/Hate About Valentine’s Day! I honestly don’t particularly overly love or overly hate Valentine’s Day–it just is what it is–so I will do five of each…

  1. LOVE seeing all the fresh flowers everywhere…when I was growing up my dad sent flowers to my mom and I every year on Valentine’s Day…a daughter could not ask for a sweeter dad. I also get carnations every year from my students (our school sells them as a fundraiser)…so cute!
  2. LOVE Reese’s peanut butter hearts…they used to only have these at Easter as eggs now they have them for other holidays, too–one of my all time favorite candies!
  3. LOVE all the chick-flicks and romantic comedies that play on tv around Valentines Day.
  4. LOVE picking out a cute card for my hubby every year…I always try to find one that has a very specific meaning for us.
  5. LOVE the day after sale on candy!
  6. DISLIKE all the lines at stores right before Valentine’s Day…never try to grocery shop the night of Feb. 13th–ugh!
  7. DISLIKE the cheesy, waste of money gifts…various stuffed animals, balloons, etc.
  8. DISLIKE the huge mark-up on flowers surrounding Feb. 14th.
  9. DISLIKE the tastes-like-chalk-in-your-mouth conversation hearts…who eats those things anyway??
  10. Couldn’t think of another dislike but I though of another LOVE–love getting to have a jeans day at work for Valentine’s parties!


2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Top Ten

  1. Great list! I love that David and I always do pizza and a movie for our Valentine’s Day celebration. It’s cheap and no pressure. This year we even found gluten free pizza.

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