Top Ten #2

The Top Ten for this week is the Top Ten Things You Would Change About the World (provided you got the chance).

  1. Life would be a slower pace…The running to and fro with endless activities and the fast pace of today’s life is a little hectic for me. I would just like to take time to enjoy things rather than just constantly do things.
  2. Education would be consistent across the world. Right now children all over the world receive various levels of education with some getting none at all. It makes me sad that so many kids out there don’t even have a chance.
  3. The foster system would be put out of business. I know that isn’t practical but wouldn’t it be awesome if so many kids were adopted that we didn’t even need foster care.
  4. Punishments would be harsher. It is insane that so many child abusers, murderers, sex offenders, and more are allowed to walk the streets daily.
  5. This is cliché but of course I would want everyone to have adequate shelter, food, and water. I don’t mean everyone has to have the same income level or live in mansions but access to basic resources for survival would be nice.
  6. Reading would be a priority. Books can take you places and reading opens so many doors. I wish people would read more.
  7. That the extreme wastefulness of our society would subside. I think one day we will wake up and say “what were we thinking?” Food, products, water, energy….we are wasters to the extreme.
  8. That people could give the hope of the gospel without fear. If you think persecution is a thing of the past, think again.
  9. That we lived more creative lives. Why are people so afraid of creativity? I don’t get it.
  10. Marriage would become a priority. One man and one woman in it for good. Commitment. What has happened to commitment?

Won’t you join me for this weeks Top Ten?


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