Upcoming Adventure

Last May I blogged about my dream of going to Africa and little did I know that within less than a year that dream would actually be coming true. In March I will be heading to Uganda for a 10 day mission trip then ending the trip with a 3 day safari in Kenya.  Going on this trip brings so many emotions for me…amazement, anxiety, excitement, sadness and more. Traveling all the way around the world to a completely different culture is an overwhelming thing, especially when you are going out with the purpose to bring the hope of the gospel to a lost and dying people. I know I will encounter conditions on this trip that will be unlike anything I could ever imagine. I have done a little bit of traveling in my life but I am prepared for the fact that this will be the most shocking area I will have ever visited. Extreme poverty, sickness, unsanitary living conditions, hopelessness, and death are everyday issues for those who live in the slums of Kampala. Our team hopes to not only meet physical needs but spiritual and emotional ones as well. No matter people’s situations, Christ brings us hope. Our hope is to bring that message. We will be working with several existing ministries in Uganda. One is African Hearts.

African Hearts is an organization that exists to help Ugandan children. They have two boys homes where children are provided with homes, educations, spiritual training, and more. Additionally, this organizations helps train children in vocations and offers educational opportunities in addition to Bible studies, counseling, and more. They also have a ministry that reaches out to the children living in the slums of Kampala.

We will also be working with Engage Hope. In short, Engage Hope’s mission is to make disciples, plant and grown churches, and empower the poor, particularly in AIDS stricken areas.

I am particularly excited about working with students and children. I am taking along art supplies and hope to be able to do lots of fun activities with the kids. I have been told that several of the children in the boys home really love art. I am also looking forward to visiting the slums to pass out that many supplies we will be bringing with us.

At the end of the trip we have the incredible opportunity to go on a 3 day safari in Kenya. This was an optional part of the trip and I am teaching two art camps this summer to pay for the cost of the safari…I simply did not want to pass up this once in a lifetime experience. Last year my art camp money went to our 2 week road trip but I am more than happy to give up a summer vacation to go on this safari. When I googled the place we are going, here are some photos I found…

I invite you to join me in praying for our trip…

  • For the health and safety of our team as we prepare for the trip
  • For traveling mercies and ease of entry into the country
  • For the hearts of those we will encounter to be softened to what we have to say
  • That our actions will be full of love and compassion
  • That our words will be clear and the language barrier will be overcome
  • That we will be sensitive the cultural differences we encounter
  • Ultimately that our team’s entire presence in Africa will be glorifying to the Lord

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