Jolly Holly-days!

I love Christmas! It is so much fun to get ready for AND to enjoy. Part of the fun of Christmas time is the wonderful decorations and how everything around us just takes on a beautiful sparkle.

Gifts under the tree…

I decided to go with bright colors for my theme when wrapping gifts this year. I always wrap everything…bags don’t cut it when it comes to Christmas present! And each year I choose a theme and usually use 2-3 coordinating papers that go well together. I also typically put an ornament on each person’s package as decoration and for them to keep but I slacked a little this year–only the kids got ornaments. My main colors this year were red, bright green, turquoise, and hot pink! Fun! Last year was traditional red and green so I wanted to change it up this year.

Here you can see one of my niece’s ornaments and look at those cute owl tags I found!

Do you wrap all your presents? Do you use a theme or coordinate all your packages?

And here are our new stockings…I found these at Canton and am so pleased with them! I have looked for years for just the perfect stockings. I am going to take them after Christmas and get them monogrammed with our initials…

The entire mantel…


And here is another nativity scene I got just this year…

This is a very special piece. The house I grew up in was next door to the sweetest elderly couple, the Stevens. We were neighbors for 17 years and they were always kind to me…buying whatever I happened to be selling when I knocked on the door…let me and the neighborhood kids traipse through their yard and ride bikes in their long driveway…let me pick pomegranate and honeysuckle from their plants. They also traveled all over the world and always collected nativity sets wherever they went. They had all kinds of gorgeous and unique pieces in their house from their trips.  As I got to be a teenager I would feed their many cats while they were away on their travels. They both passed away within the past year or so and most of their possessions were sadly sold in an estate sale. I was unable to go but my mom went and got this little nativity for me from their collection. It will always remind me of their generosity and hospitality.

I also added this Noel sign to my decor this year…

And as you know from last year, we have to have our annual ornaments…

Pineapple is my favorite fruit so here is my annual ornament! Jason ended up with two this year–the first is an airplane but then I saw this Santa driving a boat and had to get it also.

And my mom found this paint palette for me…how perfect is that!

Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Jolly Holly-days!

  1. I gift wrap everything that can be gift wrapped! The only reason I don’t wrap everything is because I am too cheap to buy gift boxes.
    I also work pt at a shipping store during the holidays and am a professional wrapper. I secretly enjoy it and now feel like wrapped gifts are naked unless they have some kinda bow.
    Hobby Lobby sells the best wrapping paper, I try and pick up a new roll on sale after Christmas each year.

  2. I usually wrap all of our Christmas gifts. They just look prettier that way, and it’s way more fun to open a wrapped gift than to pull a gift out of a bag. I love those owl tags!

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