Nothing Quite Compares

I have been many places across the US and even to some other countries (and going to another soon–more on that later!) but one of my favorite places is at the lake,  more specifically the lake in my hometown but I have a fondness for lakes in general. Being at the lake is a feeling like no other…time melts away and everything is more peaceful…there is a sense of calm. I love the water…being in it and just being near it. I have only been to a few beaches but the beach has never quite given me the same feeling as the lake. There’s just something about being at the lake. Of course, I come by this naturally…my mom grew up going to the lake…to the very lakehouse my family just sold. My dad has also always been a big lake person…not only does he love to fish (as his father also loved to do) but he used to be a show skier back before his boating accident. I grew up going to the lake and thank goodness I married a lake guy! This is one thing we share…we may not have a ton of common interests but we do both love the lake.

Over Thanksgiving we got to spend some time out at the new lakehouse getting it all organized and the furniture all moved in and settled. Here are some quick pictures I got while outside…


The view from our dock.


Just beautiful!


Our dock and open concept boathouse

It came with a swing!

The back of the house and the yard leading up to the water




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