I have mentioned before that my family had a lakehouse that we have enjoyed for many years. The house is a small cottage type of place that was never built to be a grand place…it was built affordably many years ago. Only about 1000 square feet and one bathroom but we loved it! As time went by, the house had some water damage and so forth that was never really fixed properly. Because it is built on the side of a cliff overlooking the lake, repairs needed to be made to the drainage, foundation, etc but were very costly. Rather than begin these extensive and expensive repairs, my grandmother (the owner) ultimately decided to sell the place and look for a new one. This was a difficult decision as this land had been passed to her from my great-grandfather and had been in the family for years. We have tons of happy memories at this place but it was time to move on. We moved everything out of the house (we had a lot packed in those 1000 sq feet)…which is actually going to be torn down by the new owner. The bright spot in all of this is that we decided on a new lakehouse. Once again, my grandmother is purchasing the house for the family to enjoy. She is a very generous lady. Here are some pictures…

Sorry for the poor quality of the picutres…they were swiped from the real estate website before we closed on the house. I went to the new house last weekend to help clean it and move in but completely forgot to take my camera. But let me tell you, this is like a grand mansion compared to our previous, very rustic place. Although we loved our former little place dearly this is a fantastic house to begin making all of our new memories…now we just can’t wait for summer! There are things we never had in our old house (but never really missed, either) such as a dishwasher, disposal, fireplace, 2 bathrooms, plenty of closet space, counter space, and cabinet space, 3 bedrooms, and a garage! I will share more pictures soon!

And don’t worry…I will still keep on the lookout for McDreamy…


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