Free Stuff!

Every year I send out a Christmas card with a 3×5 picture inside it but I have never before actually ordered the really cute picture cards.  But, after visiting Shutterflys website and seeing their amazing selection of Christmas cards I just can’t send an ordinary picture anymore. Plus, this year Shutterfly is having a free giveaway of 5o cards! Sweet! If you are a blogger, follow the link to sign up for your free cards. It’s super easy…you write a post and share your favorite cards and you get 50 free. Who doesn’t love free? And be sure and visit Shutterfly’s website…they have the most amazing selection of photo gifts in addition to the awesome Christmas cards. There are pages and pages of card designs to choose from, but here are three of my favorites…

I love that there are so many designs that actually say Merry Christmas and not just Happy Holiday.

The graphics and colors on this one are just perfect!

Instead of my traditional Christmas letter, maybe I will just go with this Top Ten card version.

Anyway, aren’t these all just absolutely too cute! How will I ever decide? While we are at my parents over Thanksgiving, I am planning on getting our Christmas card pictures made at our NEW lakehouse. Yes, you heard that correctly–new lakehouse…more on that in a couple of days…

Happy Shopping at Shutterfly!


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