Vacation, Continued

I took a little break from my vacation posts  for a while but wanted to share with you where we went after Niagara Falls. We headed to the Cincinnati area to visit the Creation Museum. This was really our last major stop. Being the science-y guy that he is, Jason love all things creation, dinosaur, and astronomy related making this the perfect place for him. Ever since it opened he has been wanting to go and now we had our chance. If you are ever in that area, it’s worth the trip. The museum is very large with a Bible history walk through, several special exhibits, movies, dinosaur replicas and skeletons, a planetarium, amazing gardens, restaurants, a bookstore, and a petting zoo. If you are familiar at all with Answers in Genesis resources then this museum is a lot of the same information but in exhibit form…I actually think I would have found it more exciting if I had not been quite so versed in their materials and had been discovering some of the information for the frist time. On the other hand, the exhibits are well done and there were many special features, such as an “ark” room that went through the possible ways the ark might have been built. The museum was full of families with kids and many of the features are geared toward kids.

In the Garden of Eden part…

Dinosaur Skeleton…

Dinosaur Replicas…

Petting Zoo…

Outdoor Gardens…

All in all, this was a fun way to end our trip. After leaving, we went to Missouri and spent one night with Jason’s grandparents before heading home. It was a whirlwind two weeks but an awesome vacation!


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