Niagara Falls

Upon leaving the wedding in PA, Jason and I made our way up to NY state and crossed the border into Canada at Niagara Falls. Coming off a holiday weekend the border crossing took a bit of time but we ultimately went through without any problem. The whole Niagara Falls trip thing hadn’t been planned that much in advance (I had booked the hotel the night before) so I had not done much research….basically, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Well, I will admit, I was completely underwhelmed at first. When you cross the border you can see the Falls in the distance and it just wasn’t that impressive to me–sorry. I was quickly beginning to regret how much money I had just charged to my credit card for our stay.  After a bit of circling around we made our way into our hotel parking garage and checked in…there were tons of people everywhere (our hotel was connected to an indoor water park, previously unbeknownst to us) and they had construction going on–not good. Upon check in I learned that the deal I (thought) had worked out on the phone wasn’t quite as sweet as it was made out to be and the disappointments were piling up fast. That evening we were tired from driving and the big wedding weekend so we ate dinner at the ridiculously over-priced hotel restaurant and went to a (surprisingly good) illusionist show then headed to bed.

The next morning we started off on a much better foot…I awoke refreshed and ready to see the sites. The hotel and surrounding area was much less crowded (now that it was Tuesday and the holiday was over) and I talked to the concierge at length to get all the Niagara Falls tourist scoop. We headed out. Let me tell you…I may not have been impressed by the Falls from far away but I was blown away when I got up close. It is unbelievable. We were only a short walk away and the closer we got, the more amazed I became.  First thing we went on the Maid of the Mist boat ride and did not even have to wait in line. It pays to be early. Although it was a little foggy this was well worth the money…don’t go to Niagara without taking the boat ride.

Note: Be ready for a day of feeling soggy. Every tourist attraction you go to they give you a poncho but you still get wet…carry some extra socks with you. Also it helps to do all these sightseeing things in a row then you are done with getting drenched and can go back to your hotel and change into dry clothes.

At this point we were getting sprayed so much we had to put the camera away…I never would have thought we would get so close to the waterfall but it was incredible. And a little scary.

We took these shots of one of the boats later…it shows you how close we were.

After the boat we went to the Journey Behind the Falls which is a series of passageways behind the falls…pretty self-explanatory. There is also an observation deck you can walk out on and see the Falls from a closer vantage point.

Next to the Falls. Below I am in one of the passageways…don’t do this if you are claustrophobic!

I am literally standing right behind a waterfall…that’s the water crashing down behind me. Here’s a close-up…

Everyone that we talked to about Niagara Falls mentioned the rainbows. Much to our dismay we didn’t see a rainbow when we started out on our day and since we were leaving the next day, I was  afraid we might miss it. But later in the afternoon the fog started to subside and the rainbows appeared. They were beautiful.

Double Rainbow!

Rainbow reflection.

This was me headed up to the last attraction…an IMAX movie…and yes, they gave you a poncho for this one, too!

More good shots…

Needless to say, we turned out to be extremely impressed with Niagara Falls and I am so glad we went. It is truly beautiful and such a unique experience. I am a big fan of water so that might explain this…but I literally sat along the boardwalk and just stared at the waterfalls…it’s amazing. Even in its fallen state, God has provided us with such a magnificent earthly home. “He cutteth out rivers among the rocks; and His eye sees every precious thing.” Job 28:10

I am blessed to have seen as much of creation as I have.

More Canada pictures coming soon…


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