Back in January, my mom got me a bunch of clothes for my birthday that all came from Ross. I kept about half of them and returned the other half (didn’t fit, didn’t like, didn’t need or whatnot). Well, for 3 months now I have been carrying around this store credit from Ross. While visiting my parents over spring break, my mom and I went to Ross. I have a love-hate relationship with Ross. You can find some great deals, but it takes a lot of work. Sometimes I am up to it, sometimes I am not. Also, it’s one of those places you have to go to early in the day otherwise it ends up being way overcrowded and trashed out. Anyone else experience this? I mean, like you can’t get your buggy down the bath aisle because people have left towels all over the floor. Pull it out to look at it and just let it fall on the floor. Seriously annoying. Anyway, on this trip I found some goodies…

  • Lined baskets to corral Wii controllers, video games, power cords, etc. –$3.99 each–what a score…you can’t find baskets that cheap anywhere!
  • A red butter dish for $2.99
  • Metallic pewter-colored shoes for $14.99..they match the…
  • Metallic pewter-colored purse for $21.99 (normally more than I would pay, but I did have a store credit after all)
  • Some scrapbook stickers for $1.99
  • Set of dish towels and rags for $5.99–in orange, of course
  • Bamboo-handled serveware (oh, how I love bamboo–someday I will have to show you all the bamboo stuff I have) $15 for the salad servers, spreaders and appetizer set
  • A box of coconut lime tea lights in white and green–$4.99

All in all, I was very pleased with all my purchases! Some great finds to usher in spring. If you don’t shop at Ross, I encourage you to check it out (if you are a bargain hunter like me). But, fair warning, go early in the morning when you have some time and bring a good attitude! And if you didn’t know already, there is a new Ross in the area.


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