Furry Friend #2

To follow-up on my last post, I wanted to show you some bizarre pictures of my dog. Really, this is just too weird not to share. Several weeks ago Nookie had to have a minor surgery for a hematoma. This was actually his second hematoma but with the first one we did not do the surgery. This time around we opted for the procedure, not wanting to risk damage to both of his ears (since the first one did not heal 100% correctly on its own). Poor thing had to wear the cone…

Needless to say, he didn’t like it much and it got so damaged we had to resort to duct-taping it together. He wore this for two looooong weeks. When I took him to the vet for the two-week check-up he completely tore the cone in half when getting out of the car–good thing the vet said he didn’t have to wear it anymore or we would have had to buy a new one! In hindsight, I should have videoed poor Nookie with the cone–what a klutz!

So, back to the surgery…before we took him in for the procedure the vet told us they would be using “buttons” to suture the ear closed and help it remain flat. First they make an incision to help the hematoma drain then flatten the ear so it can heal properly. Well, I thought “buttons” was just a term for a certain kind of stitches or sutures. You know, vet-speak or something. Nope. Folks, the man actually meant buttons. As in, I went down to Hancock Fabrics and bought some buttons. Or as in, here are some assorted buttons I have collected over the years…you know, the extras that come with shirts that you never use.

Have you ever seen such a thing?


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