Furry Friend

I am not really sure I have ever formally introduced the blog world to my dog. We have a purebred Dalmatian named Nookie. He is 11 years old–will be 12 in September. Jason has had Nookie for almost 10 years. A friend told Jason about seeing the dog in the paper so Jason called the lady. His previous owners were getting a divorce and didn’t want him. Jason proposed a “trial run” and brought Nookie home for a night. After that he never heard from the lady again and the rest is history. Unfortunately, we think he may have been abused because he is super skittish around large objects and does not like men with hats or deep voices. When he was still a puppy he liked to tear things up (the couch, curtains, mini-blinds, etc) but he is past all that. These days he just lays around all day. He is truly the best dog I have ever had. Nookie is awesome with kids, barks only when there is someone at the door or around the house, and is an excellent snuggler. He does, however, think that he is a lap dog (at 85 pounds), sheds A TON, and eats any food you put within his reach! He has eaten entire bags of hotdog buns, bowls of Halloween candy, a pan of brownies, 3 semi-eaten pies, and more. Whoever said chocolate kills dogs??

Here are some pictures…

Thankful for a new rug after putting in the wood floors

Opening his stocking at Christmas

Tired of all the remodeling

With his friend, Stoney

In the snow

With cousin Morgan

I'm pretty sure this is a backbone of some poor animal. Gross.

With a stray (Hercules) we had for a little while

With baby Holly. See how good he is with kids!

Nookie does have to take medication for seizures which are either a result of a brain tumor or epilepsy…we aren’t sure which. Other than that, he is doing pretty well for his age. His joints seem to be bothering him more these days but it doesn’t keep him from enjoying his daily walks with Jason. We are so thankful to have him as a canine companion and hope to for many more years!


2 thoughts on “Furry Friend

  1. Really it’s Jason’s mom that does the stocking. She has no grandchildren so she spoils him. But, I do always stock up on the clearance after Christmas toys and treats at Petsmart. 🙂

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