Top Ten Kitchen Products (Post 2 of 2)

Sorry about my recent absence…I have had a hard time finding the right balance between work, church, life, and blogging! I hope to get on a more consistent blogging journey soon. Here is the second installment of my favorite kitchen tools.

6. Salt and Pepper Grinders: Every cook should have adjustable S&P grinders in their kitchen. I got mine less than a year ago and cannot believe I waited so long! I use these for every meal prep that I do. Make sure you get adjustable grinders…you can make salt and pepper very coarse for coating and spicing purposes but very fine for table use. Very versatile! You can find grinders at every price point and in almost any store. These from Sur La Table are adorable and would be perfect out by the grill or on the patio…

7. Le Creuset Products: This brand isn’t cheap so I don’t have many of their products, but the things I do have, I love. They are durable and extremely versatile–going from the oven to fridge/freezer to microwave to grill. I have the casserole w/ lid, ramekins, utensil holder, and the whole set of silicone tools (which I use everyday!). As I build my collection I hope to soon get the butter dish, a rectangular baking dish, and the sugar bowl. Eventually I would love to have the cast-iron collection. So far I have chosen to get all of my pieces in white but isn’t the teal just gorgeous! Also, sometimes you can find these pieces at Ross, Home Goods, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx for great prices…keep your eye out!

8. Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl: If I had to have only one mixing bowl in my kitchen, this would be it. It is my favorite! Pampered Chef has so many great products and this is definitely one of them. It is a heavy-duty glass bowl with measurements, a pouring spout, handle, and a lid. I use it constantly. It is also the bowl I always pull out whenever I going to use my hand mixer. All of my stainless steel mixing bowls sit forlornly in the cabinet because this batter bowl is my go-to for all my mixing needs. I have even heard people talk about baking cakes in this bowl and turning them upside down to make them look like pumpkins, etc. On a side note, I also really dig Pampered Chef’s 1 Cup Prep Bowl Set (they can go in the oven also).

9. Toaster Oven: This may seem strange to some of you, but I love my toaster oven. I never had one growing up and had honestly never even used one until I met Jason! I didn’t even know what I was missing. Now, I cannot fathom not having one. If you were like me and have never embraced the toaster oven, I urge you to give it a shot. For starters, it reheats many foods much better than a microwave. You can reheat breads, potatoes and more and not get the chewy results you get by microwaving. Also, in the summer months I love just using the toaster oven rather than heating up my whole house with the regular oven. It is really great for toasting bread, sandwiches and bagels. Mine isn’t this nice, but I sure would like an upgrade…

10. Anything mini: Last but certainly not least I have to give a shout-out to my favorite little tools out there. I love any and all things mini. If it’s small and adorable, I just can’t resist it. My mom knows this about me and is sure to pick up cute, little kitchen gadgets she runs across. Some of my favorite minis come from Pampered Chef. The Mini Serving Spatula, the Mini-Whipper, the Stainless Mini Whisk,  the Small Scraper, the Paring Knives (I keep one in my lunch bag at all times), and the Mini Bamboo Spoons. Check out the mini army of tools below…wouldn’t these be great to motivate your kids to join you in the kitchen…

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my favorite kitchen products. All of the products on here I truly do own and love. I use them at least on a weekly basis, if not daily. Of course, during the process of picking my 10 fav items, there were many other great products that I had to leave off the list. Maybe someday I will do another installment and share more great finds with you. If you are a novice cook or just looking to stock your kitchen, I heartily recommend investing in some great kitchen products…it makes cooking more fun and a whole lot easier!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Kitchen Products (Post 2 of 2)

  1. As I was making dinner tonight, I got out my favorite knife (which needs to be sharpened) and I wondered when you were going to post the second half of your favorite products. : ) We don’t have a lot of fun or helpful kitchen gadgets, so this has been a fun read.

  2. I have really gotten more into cooking and the gadgets over the last year or two. There are so many products on the market but really, most of them would just always sit in a drawer and never get used. I tried to only post the things I use all the time and would recommend that people buy. I am thinking of doing more top ten posts, like beauty products, etc.

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